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About Us

Welcome to the Panda Cash family.

Panda Cash is producing utility tools for the blockchain market.
With these auxiliary tools, it allows people to access the most accurate token information. In this way, we are paving the way for people to invest in the right technology.

It is very important to facilitate your savings with the highest standards of accuracy. Whether it's paying or communicating, you can only meet your expectations with reliable tokens. Panda Cash offers you products for safe trading.

The first application of Panda Cash is the Telegram Token verification application. With this application, you can access all the information about the token you have shared the contract address with.




Hodl Reward



Marketing Fee



Dev Fee

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Phase - 1

  • Smart Contract Development
  • Website and socials Launch
  • Telegram App (1): Activate Token Verification app
  • Whitepaper released
  • Airdrop
  • Launch on PancakeSwap
  • 500 Holders
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Phase - 2

  • Telegram App (2): Activate Coinmarketcap Price Information app
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • BSC info update
  • 2.000 Holders
  • Contract Audit
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Phase - 3

  • Partnerships
  • Promo & Marketing
  • Show token ads to users in the Telegram application
  • 4.000 Holders
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Phase - 4

  • Make a buy/bot app for Telegram
  • More Telegram apps
  • 10.000 Holders
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